Najee Harris delivered for the Pittsburgh Steelers just at the perfect moment.

With the Las Vegas Raiders leading the Steelers 16-7 in the fourth quarter, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger dropped back on third and 10 and delivered the pass to the running back. Harris caught it at about the 20-yard-line and turned it up field for a beautiful — diving into the endzone — touchdown.

Check this out.

Alabama fans became accustomed to seeing that from Harris over the last few years, and now, he’s doing it in the NFL.

Earlier in the game, Harris dealt out a punishing stiff arm to former Mississippi State defender Johnathan Abram.

Through about 3.5 quarters, Harris has recorded 10 carries for 38 yards, and he’s caught 2 passes for 34 yards and the lone touchdown.

The Raiders lead the Steelers 16-14 with 10:30 left in the fourth quarter.