Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels continues to get questions about Josh Jacobs. On Monday, McDaniels reaffirmed the team’s commitment to Jacobs. He told reporters there’s no desire to move the 2019 first-round pick.

While many teams sit their starting running backs in the first preseason game, Jacobs started for the Raiders in the Hall of Fame game against Jacksonville. Jacobs’ start prompted speculation that he was possibly competing for his starting job or being showcased for a potential trade.

After the game, McDaniels was asked why Jacobs got early carries against the Jaguars. McDaniels responded by saying he likes backs to get in-game carries in preseason action:

“I always think it’s good for backs to carry the ball in the preseason,” McDaniels told reporters after Thursday’s game. “There’s a lot of things that happen when you’re getting tackled and hit that you can’t simulate in practice. I think all our guys had the ball tonight. I think all our guys either caught it or were handed the ball and had to get tackled. We can’t really simulate that or rep that in practice.”

In 3 professional seasons, Jacobs has played in 43 games, recording 732 carries for 3,087 yards and 28 touchdowns. The Raiders open their 2022 season at the Los Angeles Chargers. It sounds like Jacobs will be getting the start in that game.