Peyton Manning and Eli Manning no longer see time on the football field now as both of them are retired, but they certainly still provide entertainment with their ManningCast on ESPN.

Saturday Night Live on NBC recently parodied that featured host Miles Teller as Peyton and Andrew Dismukes as Eli with the pair breaking down an SNL sketch instead of Monday Night Football this time. And the product was something hilarious.

Perhaps the best line of the whole thing made fun of one of the NFL’s most struggling teams over recent years.

“They’re all professionals, but so are the New York Jets… The show’s in a rebuilding year for sure. Let’s take a look at the stats so far. 14 attempted jokes this episode, only one mild laugh and three chuckles.”

This marks a good start to the season for the show, which opened by making light of some of the shots that have been made at it: