Sean Payton has for several weeks been in line to accept a job in television ahead of the NFL season, and now a report suggests the coach has landed with a network.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Payton has accepted a job with FOX Sports, Mike Florio reported. Payton’s potential future jobs have drawn great speculation and reporting around the NFL. At his farewell press conference in New Orleans, Payton said he didn’t like to use the word retirement when he moved on from the Saints.

The Super Bowl XLIV-winning coach will work in studio with FOX throughout 2022. It’s believed that he’ll join the Fox NFL Sunday crew on off days for Jimmy Johnson. Payton also had been in the running for a position with Amazon.

Many believe it will be a one-year foray for Payton. He nearly became the Miami coach earlier this year, in what would have been a partnership with Tom Brady. The Brian Flores lawsuit pulled the plug on that possibility.

More recently, Payton was linked to the Carolina Panthers. He’ll always be on the radar screen for the Cowboys.

Payton coached the Saints to a 152-89 regular-season record and 9 playoff appearances in 15 seasons, including leading the 2009 Saints to winning the NFL title.