Tebow Mania is back as the Jacksonville Jaguars will reportedly sign the former Florida quarterback. Tebow is expected to make the switch to tight end as he reunites with Urban Meyer, his college head coach.

Greg McElroy, who was Tebow’s teammate on the New York Jets and colleague at ESPN, is not a fan of the move. McElroy didn’t hold back criticizing the expected signing during a recent appearance on SiriusXM ESPNU radio:

“Everyones saying ‘oh he’s finally doing what he should’ve done 10 years ago by switching to tight end. Y’all, we were with him on the Jets. They tried to switch him to tight end, he wasn’t good. That’s what you do in college. Oh they’ll just use him as a Taysom Hill player. Tim ran a 4.8, Taysom Hill runs a 4.4. They’re just two totally different players. Tim is a good dude and I hope the best for him but it’s a sideshow. That’s what it will be come training camp time. I think it kind of undercuts, undermines what Urban Meyer is trying to build. I’m not saying….maybe he makes the team, maybe he doesn’t but it’s going to take away from the task at hand which is trying to put together the most competitive roster in camp.

“I’m sure there’s going to be players, as someone who’s gone through training camp with Tim, there’s going to be players rolling their eyes at how much attention the fourth or fifth string tight end gets. It’s going to piss people off. As a result, it’s going to affect locker room chemistry, like it did with us with the Jets. Not because there’s animosity towards Tim, but there’s animosity toward the coverage Tim receives. I think that’s a stupid move.

“You’re starting your tenure at Jacksonville, setting the tone, and people say he can help with leadership. Let me tell you what helps with leadership in the NFL, money. You want guys to be incentivized? Pay them….guys follow the money. If they get paid big smack and they’re performing at a high level, that’s who they’ll follow….I think it’s really…it undercuts what Urban Meyer is trying to build.”

Tebow was with the Jets for the 2012 season, his last seeing regular-season action. It would certainly be impressive if Tebow is better at playing tight end nine years later. Perhaps Meyer’s coaching will make all the difference.

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