The Detroit Lions hosted the Buffalo Bills during the Lions’ annual Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field. The Lions pushed the Bills throughout the game before a last-second Tyler Bass field goal led the Bills to a 28-25 win.

While fans were treated to a fairly good game, they made their displeasure felt during a halftime performance by Grammy Award-nominated singer Bebe Rexha. Typically, musical performances are done at midfield, but the stage was set up above the field and in a corner, meaning the only way it could be seen was on the Ford Field video screen.

One Bills fan that was at the game posted a video from his vantage point:

Sure, Rexha’s music doesn’t strike the right chord with everyone. But she probably would have gotten a better reception if her stage was on the field rather than off to the corner like it was here.

To make matters worse, if you were a Lions fan, you were forced to sit through another loss after coming close to knocking off one of the league’s top teams. The Lions dropped to 4-7 while the Bills improved to 8-3.