After Notre Dame’s win over No. 1 Clemson on Saturday, fans rushed the field in celebration.

Many media members have called the Irish out for the celebration, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, on Wednesday, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly revealed some good news. Per Kelly, the Irish haven’t had any positive tests in the football program on Sunday or Tuesday (via 247Sports):

“We had a very celebratory ending to our game. And we certainly, you know, needed to know that we were going to be good,” Kelly said. “We’ve had two tests; we passed all of our testing on Sunday and again on Tuesday, so that’s a really good sign. But we’ll test again Thursday and we’ll test on Friday. So, you know, that’s always hanging over you.”

As of now, Notre Dame is still scheduled to take on Boston College on Saturday afternoon.

If Notre Dame passes its Thursday tests, that game will likely be played.