How good is Andrew Marchand at his job?

If you don’t follow the behind-the-scenes of sports media, you may be unfamiliar with the name, but the New York Post media insider reported that Drew Brees would be added to NBC Sports and would be calling Notre Dame games following the quarterback’s retirement from the NFL.

Marchand reported this information back in April of 2020.

One day after officially retiring from the NFL, Brees announced he was joining NBC Sports and would be calling Notre Dame games next season for the network.

“I’m excited to stay very closely connected with the game of football,” Brees said on Monday. “It’s been such an important part of my life, and I continue to be able to talk about it and show passion for it, and bring my kids along for the ride as well and let them be part of some of those special moments.”

According to Marchand, NBC is hoping Brees can one day take over for Cris Collinsworth covering NFL games. Sounds like if Brees does a good job calling Notre Dame games, it may not be long before he’s off to the NFL.