The Justin Fields jokes came flying in the moment the Big Ten announced it had canceled its upcoming fall football season.

“Justin Fields going back to Georgia?” must have been tweeted at least 1,000 times following the Big Ten’s decision on Tuesday.

While the jokes are easy to make, there would be some logic to Fields potentially finishing out his college career at another school before potentially leaving school early for the 2021 NFL Draft. If Fields does plan on declaring early for the next NFL Draft, it’s highly unlikely that he would play for Ohio State in the spring.

Taking all that into consideration, how likely is it that Fields would leave Ohio State — even if the Big Ten allowed all players to transfer to a conference that plans to play football this fall and gives them all waivers to play immediately?

Not likely at all, according to Kirk Herbstreit, who was asked the question during the Wednesday edition of “The Dan Patrick Show.”

“I would say this as far as Justin specifically, he has an incredibly close relationship with Ryan Day,” Herbstreit said. “Not just man to man, but, Ryan Day is looked at as the cutting edge in all of football, when it comes to breaking down defenses and knowing how to attack them. The NFL people look at he and Lincoln Riley like, ‘Man, these guys are masterminds.’

“And so, I really think if you look at him specifically the Justin Fields that left Georgia as a five-star, didn’t beat out Jake Fromm, goes to Ohio State and becomes a Heisman candidate – comes back for this year Heisman candidate, considered a first or second pick. He’s really grown underneath Ryan Day, so, I would be shocked. In that case — he would rather sit in a film room and work out with Ryan Day and continue to improve with Ryan Day then I think he would want to do elsewhere.”

That’s an interesting thought but considering Herbstreit’s connection to his alma mater, he would know better than most when it comes to the bond between Fields and Day.