Ohio State is commonly referred to by alumni and athletes as “The Ohio State University,” with a heavy emphasis on the word “THE.”

Back in 2019, the school tried to file a trademark for the word “THE,” but was rejected. (And, it should be noted, was widely mocked by college sports fans everywhere.)

But, the Buckeyes’ persistence has apparently paid off. On Wednesday, it was reported that the school had indeed received a trademark for the word “THE”:

How did this happen? What changed between 2019 and now? Reporter Josh Gerben explains:

So, there you have it. Marc Jacobs and THE Ohio State University have apparently set aside their differences and now both own a trademark on a key article in the English language.

We’ll see if THE Ohio State University can win THE national championship this year or if THE Buckeyes become THE latest would-be power to fall victim to THE SEC’s dominance.