Ryan Day and Greg Schiano nearly came to blows during the Ohio State-Rutgers game with the Buckeyes up 49-10.

A sequence of events led to Schiano coming across the field, and both coaches pointing in each other’s faces on the Ohio State sideline. With 9:24 remaining, the incident started after Ohio State faked a punt, and the Buckeyes’ punter appeared to be hit late out of bounds.

Jesse Mirco, the Ohio State punter, ran 34 yards before he was pummeled out of bounds by a Rutgers defender.

Schiano was quickly on the scene to pull the Scarlet Knights away from the scene as players from both sides came together in frustration and response to the hit on the punter.

After Ohio State responded from Rutgers’ early 7-0 lead, it was all Buckeyes as they appeared to be well on the way to a 5-0 start. Meanwhile, Rutgers was off to a solid 3-1 start, but this was not the kind of result the Scarlet Knights wanted to see, especially with a late fake punt to add insult to injury.