The Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns applied for membership in the SEC on Tuesday.

Many think the move will be great for both schools, but others aren’t fans of the potential realignment.

Count legendary Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops as one of those in the pro-SEC camp. In a special guest column for The Oklahoman, Stoops said Oklahoma moving to the SEC, even without Oklahoma State, is what’s best for the state of Oklahoma:

Let’s set the record straight: OU’s move to the SEC is what’s best for Oklahoma. The reality is that conferences are now more important than ever and, with limited spots, the strongest conferences would not accept OU if we were to require OSU to join as well. By joining the SEC, we ensure the state’s flagship university will be represented nationally while protecting our rich football history for many years to come. To move forward in any other manner would be to the detriment of OU and the state of Oklahoma.

Stoops goes on to list the numerous advantages playing in the SEC will hold for the Sooners.

If Stoops is on board with the move, many others will likely follow suit. To read Stoops’ full guest column, click this link.