Brent Venables is using Oklahoma’s pending move to the SEC to his advantage when it comes to recruiting.

Oklahoma, along with Texas, will move out of the Big 12 and  into the SEC in 2025. With the SEC being one of the most dominant in college football, it can help Oklahoma’s appeal for recruits.

Though Venables believes conference isn’t everything, he know it’s a nice bonus.

“It’s an attractive thing,” Venables said. “I think you choose a program because of the school, not the conference … but it’s an ‘and’ that you can put on a long list of ‘ands’ for us.”

The SEC has the most College Football Playoff appearances and the most CFP wins. It boasts some of the best competition year in and year out, so there is no doubt that recruits want to play in the SEC.

Though there are still a few seasons to go before Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC, coaches are absolutely going to include the SEC in their pitches to recruits.