Kyler Murray was one of the major celebrities at Friday’s College World Series game between Oklahoma and Texas A&M, as the Arizona Cardinals quarterback was there to support his former team, the Sooners.

In an interview with ESPN, Murray shared what he misses about baseball. Murray, after all, was drafted No. 9 overall by the Oakland A’s in the 2018 MLB Draft. While he has associations with both schools, Murray said his heart is with Oklahoma, and the fight song is ingrained in his head. He spoke with the team earlier in the week and offered an inspiring message.

“I told the guys they’ve got to get this one for me,” Murray said, and then was asked how much he misses baseball. “I miss it a lot. I grew up playing it ever since I was 4-years-old. It ran through my family. My older brother played, uncle, dad played. Obviously, I got to fulfill my dream of being drafted to the MLB, but I would love to put the spikes on and play again of course, but I’m where my feet are. So it’s good.”

Murray, who wore Oklahoma pajama pants that are 7-years-old, said he watches the game as if he’s in the batter’s box with each player.

“That’s my mentality, just trying to stay with it, don’t get too far away from the game,” Murray said. “But at the same time, I’m just here to support the kids, my school and the coaches that poured everything into me.”