Former Ole Miss wide receiver AJ Brown had one of the best years of his career last season when he was selected to the Pro Bowl with 1,075 yards receiving with 11 touchdowns.

With Brown having back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons, he discussed he can get even better now with the help of former Alabama receiver Julio Jones now on the team with the Tennessee Titans.

“It’s been incredible, I’ve just been learning and listening as much as I can,” Brown told Sirius XM NFL Radio. “Just trying to soak everything in. He’s a great pro. Obviously, his resume speaks for itself, but he’s a hard worker too. Which I knew already, but seeing it firsthand all the time, it just speaks volumes of him.”

Brown is off to a great start in his career with the Titans so far, but he wants to keep getting better. Another thing he discussed was how he has been working on himself this season.

“To be honest I say the same thing every year,” said Brown. “I’m just trying to be a well-rounded receiver. Clean up little things here and there. I’ll watch a lot of film of myself. I critique myself very hard, so just trying to be well-rounded in all areas, just trying to be complete because I’m trying to be the best.”