It’s been well documented how much Lane Kiffin helped establish Alabama’s offense as a modern upgrade from the unit that struggled before he became the offensive coordinator.

Now the Ole Miss coach, Kiffin has a unique perspective to share about the issue and how college offenses have evolved in recent years. He also knows what it’s like to face Alabama each season. That’s what host Dan Patrick asked Kiffin during a recent segment.

Patrick asked,”Does it feel hopeless at times given how great Alabama is?”

Kiffin replied, “A little bit at times, recruiting, especially when he announces that his backup quarterback from last year is getting $1 million, that’s going to be a little hard to recruit against. I mean, he just accidentally threw that out there.”

Patrick then asked how much Alabama coach Nick Saban is worth as a dollar figure.

“Way more than what he makes and I understand faculty and when people say, ‘OK, how does a guy like that make that much money when he just coaches football. But the money he brings into the program and the university, people, when a football’s role in the university changes, student applications change, tuition goes up, everything changes. So as crazy as it is, kids around the country watch a football program doing well and they say, ‘I want to go there.’ They don’t play football.”

Earlier in the interview, Kiffin explained that the NFL in the last three or four years copies college football offenses in terms of run-pass options and up tempo systems more than ever before.

“I think it’s harder for a defensive coordinator that (has) an NFL background to come in and be successful in college,” Kiffin said.

Kiffin once again admitted that he was hired at Alabama to give a freshness to the offense.

“He wanted to change, credit to him, he saw the problems it was giving him on defense,” Kiffin said.