It’s not often that there’s a major snowstorm in Oxford, Mississippi. So, what do you do when you have a bunch of snow on the ground? Hold a snowball fight, of course.

Hundreds of students reportedly gathered in The Grove on Monday afternoon, but not many snowballs were thrown.

Instead, the attention quickly turned to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium where, according to The Daily Mississippian, at least 2 students were cited for trespassing after many students stormed the stadium.

One student described what happened when police showed up to break up the gathering:

“The sirens came, and everybody literally fled like roaches,” one student, who was cited for trespassing, said. “I have the grand idea that I can make it. So I jumped down, and the police officer grabs this girl in front of me. Then two seconds later, he grabs me, and he swings us to the police car, and he’s like, ‘So what was the master plan? What are y’all doing?’”

Here’s a video of the university police pulling up to the stadium to scatter the gathered students:

According to another student, dozens of Ole Miss students actually made their way inside the stadium:

“We got about 35-40 people inside, and then we went right and climbed out the fence on the other side,” said another student who successfully got into the stadium.

Thousands were invited to the gathering via a Facebook group. How many official citations were issued is unknown at this time.