Former Ole Miss star Elijah Moore is positioning himself to be a big part of the New York Jets’ offense this season, and he has put together a unique motivation tactic that he sees daily.

Moore wrote the names of the wide receivers drafted ahead of him on his mirror. Moore was drafted in the second round, 34th overall, in the spring NFL Draft.

“I’m going to show them why I should have gone first,” Moore said, per PFF via Connor Hughes of The Athletic.

Moore has already caught the eye of teammates and coaches.

“… The receivers are working like heck to create separation and they’ve had some. You saw Elijah in the end zone, created a lot of separation to free himself for a touchdown,” Jets head coach Robert Saleh said.

The Jets team site reported that Moore had long gainers on both Friday and Saturday and he made like Houdini on a short route on Monday, using his footwork to take Corey Ballentine inside and then dart back outside for an easy TD pass from Mike White.

“I was telling someone this morning he’s an old soul,” Saleh said of Moore. “He’s already ahead of the game in regards to how he studies, takes care of his body, the way he approaches practice, the way he approaches each rep. He’s impressive in the sense that we feel very confident that he’s going to find ways to get better. This game is very important to him and he shows it with his actions every day.”