Hugh Freeze: Bo Wallace made the wrong play on game-losing INT


Bo Wallace was supposed to make a throw in the flat to shorten the game-tying field goal or throw the ball out of bounds.

Instead, he heaved the ball to the left corner of the end zone, and S Ronald Martin veered in front of the pass and intercepted it with two seconds left, sealing the 10-7 LSU win.

Coach Hugh Freeze wasn’t pleased.

Ole Miss took a delay of game penalty while lining up for a 42-yard field goal attempt the play before, and Freeze appeared to take too long to send the kicking team on the field (with about 15 seconds left on the play clock).

Overall, the Rebels’ clock management and play-calling on the final two drives were near disastrous, and only a borderline defensive pass interference call on the Tigers gave Ole Miss a final chance.

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  • HAHAHA… and then there was one…..

  • It’s hard being a black bear slash landshark slash rebel slash #3 slash what now? Hotty toddy!

  • Great game! A victory like that tastes the sweetest… Tigers are really heating up and peaking at the right time. However you could argue that LSU should have won by double digits… Very poor job in the redzone early tonight and poor ball handling by LSU. But all in all great win. Bring on Bama

  • “Only a borderline defensive pass interference call…”

    What? Did Christopher Smith even watch the play? I think not. NEither that, or he’s as blind as Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist when it comes to replay footage.

    That was one of the most obvious defensive pass interference calls Ever made. It’s called obstructing a receiver from returning to a ball, and Mills just flat out tackled him… Nothing “borderline” about Mr. “Journalist.”

  • This doesn’t add up. they say they wanted to throw to the flat after rolling to that side? Without any timeouts? Not to mention they had run pick plays (Notre Dame) all night for short yardage. He gambled and lost, I don’t believe for a second
    that receiver was running that route on accident

    • There was a receiver running the route that freeze is talking about. Every receiver runs a route during a play. So no, that receiver wasn’t running the route on accident. But that’s not where Bo was supposed to go with the ball

    • Nobody said that route was an accident. In fact, if the ball is going to a receiver in the flat, that route is designed to go through the area and hopefully take defenders with it, clearing the area for the receiver underneath.

  • Really enjoyed watching that Land Minnow D get killed up the middle. And what a high powered offense, no wait, that is our offense. My bad. Welcome back to reality.

    • There is always that one idiot on every string. Congratulations MoreCowBell, is this your first win or are you the regular?

    • If putting up 10 points equals a high power offense, then what KY scored against yall was mind blowing. Offensive issues is what cost us the game. Nothing that LSU did was spectacular except for maybe the game winning pick.

      • LSU defense was outstanding all game son. One score for Bo all game who averages 30+ points a game until now? Impressive defense by LSU. They kept LSU in the game. That was spectacular and you need to give them credit where it is due. Roll Tide.

  • Both defenses showed up to do work and both offenses failed to produce. The D’s adapted thought out the game to the offensive strategies. The defense was pure sec on both sides and no acc, pac12, or whatever other conference’s top team could have challenged these two tonight. If lsu had played the whole season the way they did tonight they would be in contention for the national championship. Talk trash about bo if you want, but he’s been great since the start of the second half of the first game of the season. This, in my opinion, was one of the top two sec games of the year so far. You can probably guess the other one.

    • Bo Wallace’s ability only make him a bigger liability. Because people start to think they can depend on him. Even though in crunch time he’s 50/50 at best. At least if he were consistently awful then Freeze could game plan around that.

  • I’m not a huge fan of Freeze throwing his quarterback under the bus like that.

    • I agree. Even if it is his fault, man up and take responsibility! Publicly blaming your QB at the college level is simply unacceptable imo.

    • You guys are putting words into Freeze’s mouth. The only “throwing under the bus” is being done by all of the caption and headline writers saying things like, “Wallace botched final throw”. or even this one here, “Freeze: Bo Wallace made the wrong throw”… Freeze said none of that. In fact, he explained the play WITHOUT throwing anybody under the bus. In the words quoted here, he doesn’t even mention the QB. He says, “I thought we were clear”, and “I wish I could do that over.” ” I wish I could do that over”….sounds like taking responsibility to me. Again, the “throwing” is being done by the press with inaccurate quotes and misrepresentations.

      • Saying “I thought we were clear” is throwing the QB under the bus. Freeze should have just said, we should have kicked it or we should have run a different type of play to give Bo more sideline options. He came off sounding like Bo got it wrong.

  • Wow Freeze has no problem throwing his QB under the bus.Ole Miss’s lack of a running game cost them the game.You figure Wallace is good for a bonehead play that results in a loss,I’m just not sure you can pin this on him.The delay of game penalty sits with Freeze indecisiveness as much as anything.After watching the games yesterday Bama will be heading to Atlanta to play Georgia the first weekend of December.

  • More Cowbell that’s a lot of smack talk coming from a fan of a team who was lucky to get out of Lexington (yes Lexington)with a win.If you think you guys are going to T Town and beating Bama you are in for a BIG disappointment.Kentucky really???MSU’s defense was as porous as a sponge.

    • A 2 score win in Lexington is terrible. No way a team that plays that kind of game could compete against a team that managed to beat mighty Arkansas by a blocked extra point.

      State has managed to win them all so far…. We’ll see what happens

      • Away bama and home bama has been completely different this season…..away you have a chance but coming to bryant denny you get beat..

        • Same thing the SEC said about nightime in Death Valley… or against A&M… or against Auburn… I’m kinda glad we’re still the underdog. And the difference is, I want more and I know we can do more, but I won’t love my dogs any less if they don’t make it. I don’t think most bama fans can say the same. If someone beats your mighty tide, y’all start foaming at the mouth. I’ll take my team, and my fanbase any day of the weak. #hailstate.

        • Well first off…of those three teams you named LSU was the only away game. Also true bama fans understand you can’t win them all every year. I understand Mississippi State doesn’t have any bandwagon fans but if you actually accomplish something you just might get a couple.

        • Fair enough, Bamatime. personally, I can’t wait. More concerned with Arkansas right now… but I can’t wait. Good luck on Saturday. #hailstate

    • and if you think you are going to beat any west team your in a BIG disappointment

  • Coach should never throw his player under the bus like that, even if he did screw up.

    • I don’t disagree, but although I was not afforded the opportunity to watch the game… I heard that Bo just walked off the field after he threw it. Not exactly team solidarity dripping off him, is there?