Well, this sure would be an interesting strategy from a draft prospect and his agent. If you, like former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly, didn’t get invited to the NFL Combine in anticipation for the 2017 NFL Draft, maybe you should just show up and see what happens.

According to Jeff Lloyd of Turn on the Jets, Kelly’s agent,┬áVan McAllister, is contemplating this strategy. Lloyd tweeted out this information on Kelly early Thursday morning.

The NFL’s annual Combine in Indianapolis is typically a rather dull event, but this would spice up the scene quite a bit. It’s unclear why the NFL hasn’t invited Kelly to the Combine after his highly successful career, although it’s easy to speculate the league is trying to make an example of a player with so many questionable decisions in his past.

According to Pro Football Talk, Kelly was on the initial invite list to the Combine. Why he was taken off has not publicly been reported.

However, showing up to the invite-only event without an invite would likely be seen by many NFL officials as the latest example of a player that has some growing up to do. Kelly would be wise to sit this one out and let his play do his talking for him from here on out.

Kelly threw for 6,800 yards, 50 touchdowns and 21 interceptions in his two seasons at Ole Miss. Kelly added 841 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns in addition to his stellar passing numbers during his time in Oxford.