While the Lane Train could be derailed this week due to a COVID-19 outbreak for Ole Miss, a doctor’s office hopes the coach’s likeness will inspire the Oxford area to get tested.

An Oxford resident posted an Instagram story recounting his recent visit to the doctor.

“Get a Covid test, get a free Lane Kiffin Bobblehead! I tried to refuse it but the nurse said, “but he’s our coach,” so I took it but wonder how well I hid my eye roll,” according to W. Ralph Eubanks of Oxford.

With the virus apparently still potent, you can’t fault the doctor’s office for turning to the popular coach as inspiration to adhere to safety precautions.

Kiffin declined on Wednesday to disclose the number of infected players and is holding out hope that Ole Miss’ game at Arkansas can still be played. Yet before that can happen, Ole Miss has to undergo another installment of testing.

“We are dealing with our first COVID issues of the season, unfortunately,” Kiffin said during the latest SEC Coaches Teleconference. “We haven’t since camp, have been great for three games. So, that’s been a big challenge this week. You know, and we’re already banged up after a, you know, very physical, high count game against a great team in ‘Bama. So, it’s going to be very challenging.”

Now that Ole Miss is affected, Kiffin has a message to anyone still skeptical about the potency of the virus.

“I said Monday in our first meeting that this just got real,” Kiffin said during his Wednesday press conference. “Any time you talk about things it doesn’t hit home until it happens to you. Now they’re seeing it. They’re seeing depth charts move and people have to change positions and different things. I hope it really was another reminder. It only takes one person to really screw it up.”