This isn’t the news we like to share but we have another COVID issue in the Southeastern Conference this week.

During the latest SEC Coaches Teleconference, Lane Kiffin revealed that his Ole Miss program has been hit with its first positive COVID test since training camp.

“We are dealing with our first COVID issues of the season, unfortunately,” Kiffin said on the call. “We haven’t since camp, have been great for three games. So, that’s been a big challenge this week. You know, and we’re already banged up after a, you know, very physical, high count game against a great team in ‘Bama. So, it’s going to be very challenging.”

Kiffin was asked if he could share more details on the COVID issues but shared that he could not provide any additional information.

“I can not. Just like injuries, we’re not going to get into detail on that. We’re just trying to manage it the best we can,” Kiffin said.

Ole Miss will have another round of COVID testing before the upcoming Arkansas game set for Saturday.

“If we were to play today, we could play. So, hopefully, it stays that way,” Kiffin added.

The SEC has mandated that each team have 53 scholarship players ready to play on Saturday. In addition to that 53 number, teams are required to have one quarterback, seven offensive linemen and four defensive linemen ready to play.

Ole Miss is scheduled to travel to Fayetteville this weekend.