Dan Mullen and Rick Neuheisel have kept up with the Lane Kiffin rumors with Auburn, and the Ole Miss coach’s social media activity.

They discussed it on Sirius XM with Chris Childers, and Mullen said he hoped Kiffin has someone running his Twitter account because of the short week preparation for the Egg Bowl. Kiffin responded to a news report posted to Twitter by Jon Sokoloff of WCBI who reported that Kiffin would soon leave to be Auburn’s coach.

“Lane enjoys life and has fun coaching,” Mullen said. “I thought that was fantastic.”

Neuheisel then simply asked if Kiffin is, in fact, taking the Auburn job.

Mullen replied, “The message would come out, if you’re reading that tweet, and you’re reading that message, you’re saying there’s no way he’s taking the job.”

Mullen admitted that Auburn has better resources than Ole Miss, but the question is does Ole Miss have better resources than Mississippi State? He said Ole Miss has better resources in its state, and Auburn doesn’t have better resources than Alabama.

“That’s who you’re compared against on a daily basis, in everywhere you go, from the grocery store, to getting a haircut, to filling up your car with gas, everywhere you go, that’s what you’re kind of judged on,” Mullen said.