Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has been around the NFL long enough to know about bulletin board material. But after Monday night, it appears that he needs one more lesson.

Former Ole Miss WR DK Metcalf, who is becoming a big-time NFL star, said he was motivated for Monday night’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and Eagles because the Eagles “had a chance to draft me, but they didn’t, so got to make them pay.”

“I’m getting a little respect, but you know I still got work to do. One of the defensive coaches came up to me and it kind of made me mad that he was like, ‘I was in Detroit with Megatron, but you’re not there yet.’ In my mind, I’m not trying to be Megatron, I’m trying to be me. Had a little chip on my shoulder the whole game,” Metcalf said after the game, referring to Schwartz.

Metcalf, who is doing a pretty good Calvin Johnson impression and then some, had 10 catches for 177 yards, including a 52-yarder, on 13 targets in the 23-17 Seahawks victory. It was Metcalf’s 52-yard catch on third-and-13 set up Wilson’s 1-yard TD pass to David Moore that gave the Seahawks a 7-0 lead.