Eli Manning quickly apologized for flashing a double bird live on the “ManningCast” broadcast of “Monday Night Football” on ESPN2 during a segment with Peyton Manning and former NFL defensive lineman Chris Long.

The topic came up while discussing Philadelphia Eagles fans during the Eagles game with the Dallas Cowboys, and Eli Manning mentioned that when he was a player, a 9-year-old flashed him the double bird as the New York Giants got ready to play in Philadelphia.

“I would give the bird, I don’t know, can we do that,” Eli Manning said. “I’m sure you can blur that out, right? Getting double birded by a 9-year-old and they’re saying things about my mom, and Peyton, can’t even tell you what they’re saying about mom.”

Then after a commercial break, Eli Manning came back and apologized.

“All right, all right, sorry, earlier I did the double bird, I guess that’s frowned upon,” he said. “So I apologize if I offended anybody. That’s what a 9-year-old did to me, I thought I could do it back, so.”

The Mannings will return for the alternate broadcast in a few weeks.