Imagine being a D-I football player and going up against a former NFL QB, but you don’t know it. Yep, that happened at Penn State and the widely known Eli Manning went undercover as a college football player, “Chad Powers.”

While on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, Manning discussed ‘Chad Powers’ and how that came to be.

“(Chad) has a nice flow, a great mustache and a great name,” Manning said on the look of his alter ego, Chad Powers. “He’s got two, well three, really great uncles. Austin Powers, Kenny Powers (Eastbound & Down) and then Uncle Rico (Napoleon Dynamite).”


As part of Manning’s ESPN+ series, “Eli’s Places,” he used his comedic flavor to try his hand at walk-on tryouts at Penn State.

Manning had fun going undercover and utilized his arm during his “Chad Powers” moment, even getting the Penn State football staff turning heads.

There will probably be even more of those hilarious moments showcased on his show, as brings the lively energy for college football fans across the country.