Mississippi head coach Hugh Freeze recently unveiled that he created his own funeral scene as a way to motivate his team from a behavior and beliefs standpoint.

Bizarre and unconventional, Freeze stood steadfast in thoroughly explaining why he utilized this tactic.

Multiple ESPN analysts — Desmond Howard, Paul Finebaum, David Pollack — addressed the faux funeral. When asked whether this action was ‘fair’ or ‘foul’, there were some differing opinions on the matter.

As Finebaum said, “I just don’t like this. Death is a serious matter. I think football aught to be fun and enjoyable. Why bring this into it? I don’t agree.”

On a similar note, Howard didn’t truly understand the reasoning behind using such a strong example as it pertains to football.

“[Freeze] can take [the team] down to a county morgue and let them view dead bodies if that’s what he needs to let them know there are consequences for actions. To sit there and talk about his own death and own funeral, I just don’t see how that’ll motivate his players. What was going on at that time in his life either personally or with his football team that he had to go to that extreme to motivate his team? That’s a very far extreme to go to.”

While Finebaum and Howard agreed with one another, Pollack stood on the other side of the proverbial coin.

“I think it’s 100-percent fair. I think you try to instill in these kids not to think 15 minutes down the road because that’s why we’re talking about some of the mistakes all the time in college football. There are legit consequences. I think this is a positive thing that you show guys…that you will have to face this one day. Maximize every single moment.”

Dryly retorting, Finebaum exclaimed, “That’s breaking news, David, that we’re all going to die.”

We will soon know whether this tactic will ultimately pay off for Freeze and the Rebels as they face off in the season opener against Florida State on Sep. 5 in Orlando.