For those wondering when we’d have answers about the NCAA’s investigation into Ole Miss, a 21-minute video released by the school on Wednesday provided a few details about the case.

Of the 21 allegations against the football team, eight are new. Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork took swift action following the news on the NCAA investigation, implementing a one-year postseason bowl ban for the Rebels.

The announcement was made in the video at the bottom of this post, where Bjork detailed the new allegations facing the Ole Miss program:

“Consistent with our core values, we must take responsibility for the violations we agree occurred,” he said. “We have concluded that a recently terminated staff member was personally involved in Level I violations while he was employed by our program. Obviously, that sort of misconduct is not acceptable to any of us, to the university, or to the Ole Miss family.

“Therefore, based on number and scope of the allegations in the revised notice, the factual information we have available, NCAA case precedent and penalty guidelines, and most importantly, the involvement of this former staff member in Level I violations, the university is self-imposing a one-year postseason ban on the football program for the 2017 season in addition to our previously announced self-imposed penalties.

“As part of this postseason ban, under SEC rules we must forfeit our annual portion of SEC postseason football revenue for next year, expected to be approximately $7.8M. The decision to add the postseason ban was a joint decision by Chancellor Vitter and myself, and supported by Coach Freeze. We also consulted with our legal team, which includes two outside law firms with extensive experience in NCAA cases.”

Of course, the NCAA still reserves the right to impose additional penalties, so if the investigation does determine that there was a lack of institutional control, the postseason ban could be extended.