Freeze responds to Pelini’s comments on Stringfellow’s transfer to Ole Miss

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day

When University of Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini took to the podium Tuesday at Big Ten Media Day, he didn’t shy away from saying how he really felt about former University of Washington wideout Damore’ea Stringfellow’s decision earlier this summer to break his verbal commitment to the Cornhuskers and instead transfer to Ole Miss.

“Read between the lines,” Pelini told Huskers Illustrated’s Michael Bruntz at Big Ten Media Day on Tuesday. “I think we all know what happened in that situation.”

To briefly recap: Stringfellow pleaded guilty in April to three misdemeanors related to a post-Super Bowl altercation with two Seahawks fans in Seattle. He later chose to transfer out of the program.

While assessing his options, Stringfellow made a verbal commitment to Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini but would then go on to visit both Alabama and Ole Miss, eventually changing his commitment to Rebels’ head coach Hugh Freeze in June.

It was Freeze’s turn to respond on Friday when speaking during the Rebels’ Media Day festivities. The Ole Miss coach called Pelini a “colleague,” and said he tried to contact Pelini about the situation to no avail.

The Clarion-Ledger’s Hugh Kellenberger shared the Freeze’s comments from the podium via Twitter:

The final tweet is especially interesting, as Stringfellow’s mother, Kahlilah Levine, denied rumors to the Omaha World-Herald in June that someone else funded her plane tickets to accompany her son on visits to Ole Miss and Alabama.

Pelini called Levine “a clueless parent” in his remarks to the media Tuesday, and she is thought to have played a role in Stringfellow’s change in commitment.

Freeze’s comments were enough to explain the situation away for the day, which is all the Rebels coach had to do considering the program is not under investigation for recruiting violations nor is it expected to be.

Stringfellow, a 6-foot-3, 229-pound California native, was considered the No. 75 overall player and the No. 8 overall receiver in the in the 2013 recruiting class. As a freshman at Washington he caught 20 passes for 259 yards and one touchdown. Stringfellow has three years of eligibility remaining, but must sit out the 2014 season due to the NCAA’s transfer rules before returning to the field for the Rebels in 2015.

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  • Does anyone honestly think Ole Miss isn’t one of the most egregious cheaters in college football?

    • I think every one of the Power 5 teams in the country has done it and continues to do it. I say teams, but we know it’s not coming out of their school funds, but boosters give players money, simple as that. I visited Bama once with some friends and Julio passed us in his decked out Escalade, and he was known for coming from very little. We all know about the OSU debacle. It’s blatant and obvious with some of these big time recruits/players. You wanna ask me if I think we paid Cam? No, but I think a booster stepped up to the plate and outbid one from MSU. The schools aren’t at fault and are often unaware, but they’re who gets blamed.

      • Oh, all programs commit infractions. There’s always boosters throwing money around. But there’s also degrees to it. Freeze went into Ole’ Miss and landed one of the best classes in the country on what? Their massive stadium? Great history? Awesome recent successes? Diche’s brother was on the team already, so that made sense. But, players liked Treadwell suddenly showing up at the end of the cycle reminded me a lot of OJ Mayo surprise committing to USC. They could also just be blatant liars and snake oil salesman, which was a big part of Bauer’s de-commitment from the program.

        • TigerMike, you don’t know a damn thing about Ole Miss. Treadwell committed really early to Ole Miss. I could sit here all day an explain to you how stupid you are, but that could take a really long time. So next time, bring some proof.

    • I think you are having a knee jerk reaction because you are a little biased. You really only think Ole Miss can get a player if they pay? Oh and this line of the story might be the most telling of all .Pelini called Levine “a clueless parent” in his remarks to the media Tuesday, Appears Freeze was smart enough to recruit the family also. Not a good look Pelini.

    • You know NOTHING about Ole Miss other than things you have read or heard. If you have proof, provide it. Otherwise, shut your hole.

    • Where’s the evidence that anybody cheated in this situation? And think of the basic situation: You are a college student, you have one chance to go to college and play football, you need a degree that will start serving you the second you graduate, who is Washington, Nebraska, or even Mississippi to say who you can talk to, commit to, finally attend. The NCAA is justified in making some rules about transferring and eligibility. The NFL can certainly do whatever they want inside the safety of the athlete.

    • MIke, how does it feel to be an idiot? Do you have any proof that Ole Miss is cheating? I think Mizzou is the the biggest cheaters in college football, I don’t have one ounce of proof like you do about Ole Miss. But it doesn’t matter because I am right lol. Mike, just go back into you hole and stay there so you don’t make yourself look so stupid next time.

  • Well of course he cheated… right? If the guy didn’t come to YOUR school, then OBVIOUSLY somebody cheated to get him. I mean… NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY’s program is better than__________________. (Fill in the blank with your favorite football program.)

  • Bo Pelini is a CLASSLESS SCUM-BAG!….always opening his soup cooler and sticking his foot in it! In 2012, he got his salad tossed by South Carolina in the Cap One Bowl, at the end of the game he had the gall to say “the best team didn’t win”…..done the same thing the following year when he lost again to UGA. He is a pathetic whinny little punk loser!

    • BlackMagic2001: I completely agree. Pelini didn’t even have the balls to talk to Hugh Freeze. He’s just pissed because he sucks as a coach and Nebraska sucks. Any idiot can say a school cheated and have no proof. But I can’t blame Pelini for being pissed because Stringfellow would have been the best player on Nebraska’s team, but at Ole Miss he is just another really good player and he gets to play against the best in the SEC.

      • Nebraska sucks? The last time olé miss was relevant was Eli Manning and before that what? Chill out with that. At least Nebraska has won a minimum of 9 games a season in the last 6 years. Only Saban and another coach can say that it’s not Hugh freeze.

        • I’m no expert but in the years that you speak about if you take away the Utah States of the schedule they would be a .500 team. And how many of those wins came from last second miracle plays. And I hope like hell that it changes soon.

      • Wow. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how ignorant you are about college football. Nebraska has had the worst decade of football since the Truman Administration and it is still better than Ole Miss best decade of football. Nebraska has more wins in the last 6 years than anyone in the country aside from Bama, Oregon, and Boise State. We still view the last six years as generally negative. Ole Miss is nothing and has never been anything. Ever. Our program has the 4th most wins in history, far and away has the most wins and best winning percentage since 1960, has the most national championships since 1970, top 5 in most NFL players produced all time, have played in a bowl game 50 out of the last 52 years, NCAA record in Academic All-Americans, NCAA record 333 straight sellouts (we have a lot larger stadium that you), 2nd most 10 win seasons in history, 70+ weeks ranked #1, and have only never been rated in a season once since Eisenhower- just to name a few things that make Nebraska a little bit better of a program than Ole Miss. I’ll get you some aloe for that burn….,,

        • Nobody cares what Nebraska did 10 years ago. Nebraska has benefited from playing in the weak Big 10. I wish Ole Miss could play in the Big 10 every year and win atleast 8 or 9 games. Nebraska fans need to start facing the facts, they aren’t really relevant anymore. I’m not talking about the past. If Ole Miss played Nebraska this year, it wouldn’t probably be close. Ole Miss easily has way more talent on it’s roster, and has been out recruiting Nebraska. Like I said earlier, it’s easy to win 8 or 9 games a year when you don’t play anyone that is any good.

    • You got this right, how Osborne puts up with Pellini I will never figure out. Nebraska fans are not all that supportive of the big p

      • If you actually knew anything Osborne is no longer the AD. He hasn’t been since July of 2013. Missouri has had what 2 really good seasons in the last 14 years. Maybe next you open your mouth be educated in the subject.

  • Why even say anything? Oh Bo