When Houston Nutt first threatened legal action against Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss, his former employer, the audible jeers from Oxford could be heard all around the SEC. As it turns out, Nutt was the one that got the last laugh when all was said and done.

Following Freeze’s stunning resignation Thursday night, Nutt’s attorney Walter Morrison released a statement expressing the vindication experienced from Nutt’s camp. Morrison certainly didn’t hold back in his statement, calling out Freeze’s character and the school’s treatment of Nutt.

Here’s a section of Morrison’s statement:

“The revelations that have come tonight and the reason for Freeze having to resign really bears on his character. And I think it is further evidence of the fact that we have said all along and that is the public persona of Hugh Freeze is not the true Hugh Freeze. His efforts to do everything he could to blame all of the university’s problems on Houston Nutt were carefully orchestrated and were just flat false. This is just a prime example of what we have tried to show in our complaint.

“I don’t think Houston Nutt needs vindication. We drafted a very detailed complaint. He is complete and total victim in this and he doesn’t need vindication. It’s sad that the university did not deal with this the way they should have. And if they had dealt with Houston Nutt appropriately to begin with he would not have been besmirched, he would have been treated appropriately and fairly consistent with the severance agreement that all of them signed. And interestingly enough, Hugh Freeze would probably still have his job.”

Morrison’s full statement, sent to the AP, can be read here courtesy of Ralph Russo of the AP: