Hugh Freeze makes his return to Ole Miss this week as a college football coach leading Liberty into Oxford to coach against the program he led for 5 years.

The subplot of the game will be the quarterback comparison between Malik Willis against Matt Corral as they’ve each received NFL Draft and Heisman Trophy attention as among the best QBs in the game today.

During an appearance on Real Sports Talk Sports 56 WHBQ in Memphis, Freeze shared what he expects from the Ole Miss crowd when he arrives. Liberty this season is 7-2, with the losses coming at Syracuse and at Louisiana-Monroe.

“Man, I truthfully have no idea, but I really am at peace with it,” Freeze said. “I do know when I initially arrive that I’m gonna have a good welcoming at the bus from some really good friends from Oxford and Ole Miss fans. I’m looking forward to hugging their necks and seeing them. I think most people are forgiving people and also realize that there was some great memories made there, and that’s what I choose to focus on. I think most people do also.”

“But certainly that’s not gonna determine whether we compete well or not that day. I’m kinda used to the ones that are gonna choose to not care for me, and what they say and they’re entitled to that. I’m at peace with it.”

Freeze at Ole Miss was 39-25 with 4 bowl game appearances. He resigned in the summer of 2017 amid a scandal in which school officials discovered a “pattern of personal misconduct” starting with a call to an escort service from a university-issued cellphone.

“I didn’t want to play the (Ole Miss) game when I saw it on the schedule when I got here. As you get into the season and you start relishing opportunities to compete for a team that I really love and a staff that I really care for, this place has been incredible to me and my family, I actually am kind of excited about it,” Freeze said. “I know it’s a tall task. They’re bigger, faster, stronger and deeper and all of that, but what an opportunity.”