Already a well-known figure in the Magnolia State for his work covering Mississippi State for Scout affiliate Gene’s Page over the years, Steve Robertson has become something of a celebrity over the last week. During that time, he’s been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo Sports and claims even the FBI has reached out to him.

Why would the sports world descend on the Mississippi State writer? Robertson played a key role in the events leading up to Hugh Freeze’s resignation at Ole Miss as he was the one who originally identified the call to an escort service on Freeze’s call logs.

During a lengthy radio interview with After Further Review host Matt Mascona from 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge, Robertson predicted there will more to this story than just a single phone call to an escort service. Something Ole Miss indicated during last weeks press conference when it announced Freeze had resigned from the program and would not be paid any buyout compensation — despite having approximately $16 million left on his contract.

“There’s a lot of national media people on this,” Robertson said on the air. “Ole Miss has acknowledged there was a pattern of behavior. Even prior to Hugh Freeze’s resignation, we were told independently by some people that were associated with Freeze, that this was not an isolated behavior for him. There was more to it.”

Robertson also suggested some of the best investigative reporters on the college football beat are currently pursuing leads in both Oxford and Memphis — where Freeze originally rose up the high school coaching ranks before being hired by Ole Miss.

“Now that people are aware that there are more details in those phone records that have not really been detailed, there are national media boots on the ground in Oxford and Memphis as we speak now,” Robertson continued. “I suspect that there’s going to be some stories possibly to come later this week, if not this week, certainly next week, that might make a lot of people uncomfortable.”

Robertson was then asked what information could come forward on Freeze that isn’t already out there.

“Well, the fact that it’s probably some behavior that has gone on for some time, even dating back before his time at Ole Miss,” Robertson answered.

If there was a silver lining for Ole Miss from the interview, Robertson shot down the speculation that Freeze may have used an escort service to help the Rebels gain an advantage in recruiting. According to Robertson, there is “no evidence” to support that theory whatsoever.

Considering Robertson’s involvement in the Freeze ordeal and his allegiance to Mississippi State, his words defending Ole Miss should carry significant weight.