It wouldn’t be the holidays without the annual Lane Kiffin coaching rumors. Even though Kiffin is completing his first season at Ole Miss, that isn’t stopping people from connecting the dots to him being a candidate for Auburn’s vacancy.

Earlier in the week, Kiffin already shot down the chances of him replacing the fired Gus Malzahn. Then on Thursday, Kiffin brought up a playful exchange he had with Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt.

Kiffin and Pruitt are a part of a group text chain with SEC coaches, including the recently fired Will Muschamp.

“Muschamp was fired up in our text,” Kiffin said via 247Sports. “Two nights ago he goes, ‘I’m not worried about anything.’ ‘Cause I was ripping Pruitt in text messaging, saying, ‘Pruitt, stop saying I’m going to Auburn. I’m not going to Auburn. You’re telling all the recruits I’m going to Auburn.’ Muschamp goes, ‘Good thing I don’t have to deal with those lies anymore.’”

Kiffin joked that he’ll catch plenty of slack from his peers for revealing the conversation.

“Yeah, they’re going to block me,” Kiffin said.

Kiffin is rivaled by only Mississippi State’s Mike Leach as the SEC coaches who keeps it the most real. It’s refreshing that Ole Miss has allowed Kiffin to still be himself and not have to tone down his colorful personality.

Ole Miss (4-4) will look to conclude Kiffin’s first regular season at the helm with a .500 record. Kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m. at LSU and will be televised on the SEC Network.