Lane Kiffin has reacted to Auburn firing Bryan Harsin, and as a coach who’s been in Harsin’s position before, Kiffin can relate to the personal side of the business.

Kiffin was given the news at his press conference on Monday as the Rebels enter their bye week.

“We were in meetings, so I actually didn’t know that,” Kiffin said. “When you’ve been through something like that, you obviously have empathy for people. It is what it is in this profession. I’m not complaining because you get paid a lot of money and it’s part of it. But when everybody roots for everybody to get fired and it’s so great and everything, it’s not that person. It’s a ton of people besides his family and a lot, especially where the staffs have increased now, kids are uprooted from schools and all those things. I understand why fans root for it. I get it all, but there is a very personal side to it. A lot of adults, kids, where something like that happens, they’re going to be affected.”

The comments came at the 4:40 mark: