Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin made headlines for all the wrong reasons Saturday.

His team was blown out at Alabama, 42-21, in what was expected to be a better game, and he made a couple of questionable decisions on 4th downs in the 1st quarter that didn’t help the Rebels’ cause.

He also caught plenty of heat for a pregame interview with CBS Sports reporter Jamie Erdahl and his now infamous “Get your popcorn ready” line.

On Monday, during his weekly meeting with the media, Kiffin acknowledged that after watching the segment that his comment came off as “rude.”

He also said that he had called Erdahl to apologize.

Kiffin said he didn’t realize that Erdahl’s question would be her last, but he certainly didn’t appear in the video to be willing to wait for another.


Ole Miss, which dropped to 17th in the AP poll after the Alabama loss, will be at home on Saturday to face No. 13 Arkansas.