Lane Kiffin continues to embrace to new world of Name, Image and Likeness laws around the country.

In fact, ahead of National Signing Day this year, Kiffin basically said he wished he had access to even more NIL money so he could pay players more to attend Ole Miss.

However, some of Kiffin’s comments drew the ire of Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher. After the Aggies landed the No. 1 recruiting class ever, Fisher called out critics as “clowns” and insisted NIL had nothing to do with the great 2022 class.

Kiffin clearly still remembers those comments from Fisher. He weighed in on the issue again as Ole Miss opened spring camp on Tuesday (via

“I’ve obviously said a lot about NIL from the beginning of it,” Kiffin said. “Let’s make sure that we understand I love that the players are getting paid, and I just say how it is.

“I guess I got called a clown before for saying how it is. NIL has a lot to do with where players go, and to not think that is crazy.”

Kiffin’s point? It’s legal for players to make money via NIL now, so why wouldn’t schools use that to their advantage?

“Literally, it would be like being a head coach in the NFL signing a great free agency class of signing (players), going out and getting these great players and coming up here and saying to you guys that the contracts had nothing to do with the players coming here and they just wanted to come play for me.

“So obviously it has a lot to do with where players go, and it should. Everybody wants 17-18-year-olds … adults choose jobs a lot of time for money, salaries, so why would a kid not?”

Kiffin clearly plans to use NIL money to his advantage. He is coming off a 10-win season at Ole Miss and has landed commitments from several big-name players in the transfer portal this offseason. We’ll see if he can take the Rebels to even bigger things in 2022.