Lane Kiffin’s actions all come with a purpose. Even on Twitter.

Anybody who follows the Ole Miss head coach on social media knows how active he is on the site, consistently filling feeds with links to articles, his thoughts and jokes. But Kiffin’s Twitter persona isn’t just for his personal enjoyment — it’s also a recruiting tactic.

Kiffin discussed how his tweets help out the Rebels on the recruiting trail when he sat down for an interview with Jamie Erdahl of CBS this week.

“We walk into homes, or families come here and visit, and almost the first thing every time, a lot of times by a parent, is, ‘We love your Twitter. We love following you. It’s awesome, we feel like we know you even though we haven’t met you,'” Kiffin told Erdahl. “And to me, that’s like how much money could you pay for that in recruiting, to have someone feel like they know you when they’ve never met you?”

So that means it’s unlikely we’ll see Kiffin slow down on Twitter anytime soon. And if it’s helping Ole Miss land some of these recruits, then it makes sense why he wouldn’t.

Kiffin is set to lead the Rebels into action on Saturday, as they’ll host LSU at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.