Lane Kiffin has not decided on his starting quarterback yet.

The Ole Miss head coach said in his press conference Monday that he’s still evaluating who will get the start to begin the season.

Kiffin has two great options in Jaxon Dart and Spencer Sanders, but he is waiting to see a little more before he names one of them a starter.

“We’re very excited for all of the guys,” Kiffin said. “Both guys play extremely well, made really explosive plays Saturday. We feel very confident with either of them.”

Kiffin has confidence in both players. The decision to wait is more about getting both players more reps in practice and figuring out which would work better.

“I just like to collect information and keep practicing and pushing forward,” Kiffin said. “Like I said, I feel extremely confident in both guys. They can win games, and both guys have.”

Dart was the starter a season ago, picking up nearly 3,000 yards and 11 touchdowns. Sanders joins the Rebels from Oklahoma State, where he recorded 2,642 yards and 17 touchdowns last season.