Lane Kiffin believes there is value in holding an annual spring game but only if Ole Miss fans show up in full force and support the Rebels.

Sounds like a challenge for the passionate Ole Miss fan base heading into the upcoming Grove Bowl.

During his latest media availability, Kiffin was asked if he believes there is any value in holding a spring game or if it was simply another spring practice in his eyes.

“I think the only difference is just to see if kids get nervous. It’s a little more like a game, obviously, with some crowd and more build-up to it, anxiety,” Kiffin responded. “So, I think that sometimes you can see that with guys you haven’t played before to see how (they perform). Some guys just play better in an atmosphere like that and some guys struggle. I think that’s the difference.”

Considering Ole Miss has 15 early enrollees heading into their first Grove Bowl experience, that’s something Kiffin will address with the young players in his program.

“We talk about it, prepare like a game,” Kiffin added. “The leadup is like a game, pregame and all those things, just to get them used to it.”

Based on that response, it sounds like Kiffin is expecting a large crowd to show up in Oxford this weekend.