Following the arrival of Lane Kiffin in Oxford, John Rhys Plumlee was beaten out by Matt Corral for the right to start at quarterback but instead of running from adversity, the two-sport star embraced a new role within the team.

While he didn’t get on the field much early in the season, the Rebels found ways to get production out of Plumlee including running for nearly 100 yards against a pair of SEC opponents in late October and gaining nearly all of his receiving yards in the bowl game against Indiana.

Look for Plumlee to do more of the same this season as he shared some details of a recent meeting with Kiffin heading into the start of fall camp in Oxford.

“We had a conversation after baseball season, before I got to go home just for a little bit,” Plumlee said according to David Johnson of 247Sports. “We had a talk and he basically said that they want to use me in multiple, different spots. Whatever that may be, whatever that may look like, whether it’s receiver, running back coming out of the backfield, a little bit of quarterback. Whatever helps the team win, I think is the phrase he used.

“Whatever will help the team win is what we’re going to do. It was a good conversation. I prayed on it, and I thought it was the right thing to do. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Credit Plumlee, who was unable to compete in spring camp due to obligations with the Ole Miss baseball team, for his selflessness. It’s pretty refreshing to see in today’s age of the transfer portal, where many players jump ship at the first sign of adversity.