Two things that lead to an automatic reaction from Lane Kiffin are an open mic, and a social media connection.

A man of the people, Kiffin’s called, but when Braylon Sanders asked him for a comment on an open mic during a recent practice, Kiffin let out a, ‘I’m just here mentoring the youth of America,’ and later added a comment on Twitter that he’s just trying to help Sanders get better every day.

There should be plenty of material for Kiffin and Sanders this season as the wide receiver is expected to be a key piece to the offense. Kiffin has previously called Sanders a potential first-round talent if he has a big season this year.

Sanders last year didn’t have any catches in the first 3 games, but by the end of the season made 14 catches for 370 yards and 4 touchdowns. His 2 biggest games were against South Carolina when he made 4 catches for 141 yards, and then against LSU when he had 4 catches for 70 yards and a pair of touchdowns.