As you probably expected, Lane Kiffin fielded several Nick Saban and Alabama questions during his first media availability of Alabama Week.

While some believe working under the legendary head coach may be somewhat of an advantage, due to Kiffin being familiar with Saban and the Alabama program, the Ole Miss coach certainly doesn’t see it that way.

“Everyone thinks it’s an advantage that I’ve worked with him. But if it’s an advantage, why is he 20-0 against his former assistants? If you think it’s an advantage, you’re not a very good gambler,” Kiffin said during the press conference.

The very last question Kiffin faced during his latest media availability came when the head coach was asked about Ole Miss linebacker Donta Evans.

Evans previously left the team for personal reasons but Kiffin announced that the linebacker had officially opted out for this season.

The question regarding Evans took Kiffin down a path no one could have expected.

“(Evans) opted out. It is what it is,” Kiffin said before steering his comment toward Saban’s Alabama program. “I mean, I don’t know how Alabama did this. It’s amazing.

“Coach did a great job of somehow keeping these guys happy and, you know, not feeling like they need to get ready for the draft with all these first-rounders. Guys around the country opting out but none are Alabama guys. Coach must have had a great plan.”

There was no follow-up and the press conference ended right there.

Read into that how you will but those are some interesting comments from the former Alabama assistant now tasked with taking down Saban’s juggernaut of a program.