Lane Kiffin’s assistants accidentally exposed some hilarious methods of how Ole Miss picks its starters.

Ole Miss defensive coordinator Chris Partridge revealed before Ole Miss’s game against Vanderbilt that the Rebels’ safeties Tysheem Johnson, Isheem Young and Ladarius Tennison decide who will start by playing a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Kiffin addressed the method after the 52-28 win.

“That’s why we don’t let assistant coaches talk to the media because Partridge decided to tell the media that we do that,” Kiffin said.

While the method may not be conventional, it works well for the Rebels, who have three talented players in the safety position.

Ole Miss is off to a hot 6-0 start on the season with a couple big wins, including one over Kentucky. The Rebels take on Auburn on Saturday before a tough stretch of game in late October and early November.