Lane Kiffin is reunited with his former boss on Saturday as Alabama travels to Oxford to take on Ole Miss. And, naturally, it’s been a topic of heavy discussion in the media.

Kiffin’s return to the SEC started with a home loss to Florida, followed by a wild overtime win at Kentucky. With the Rebels 1-1, he has a shot to get an early signature against Nick Saban and the favored Crimson Tide.

During Jeremy Pruitt’s weekly radio show on Wednesday, the 3rd-year Tennessee head coach was interrupted by a humorous text he received from Kiffin, and as it turns out, the two are on a group text with Kirby Smart and Will Muschamp, all former Saban assistants.

“I must have said something that was funny, I don’t know,” Kiffin said, when asked about it on Thursday’s “Paul Finebaum Show”.

“It’s not like four guys who go out and drink beer together. These are pretty prominent people,” Finebaum laughed. “What happens in this text?”

“A lot of stuff,” Kiffin replied. “Sometimes it’s just ‘Hey, how are you guys doing with COVID’, or a practice idea or something like that…and sometimes it’s personal funny stuff, I guess. It’s an interesting group. Three good guys.”

Finebaum brought up the obvious bond that the 3 had as Saban assistants, and Kiffin responded with his typical humor.

“We all have the same father,” he joked.

And the jokes around the college football world were flying, naturally.