Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels went into Neyland Stadium on Saturday night and left with an impressive 31-26 victory.

It was an incredible win for Ole Miss, but the ending was marred by Vol fans throwing things at players, Kiffin and on the field after a late 4th-down spot went against them.

After the game, Kiffin spoke to the media. He had a lot to say, including about the fans throwing things on the field, especially since he appeared to be struck by a golf ball.

Here’s what Kiffin had to say in his postgame press conference:

On fans throwing things at him:

On the defense stepping up (via the Clarion-Ledger):

“This is a lot better feeling defensively than a week ago. A week ago we made the one two-point play stop. This week we stopped them a number of times, including a fourth down stop. We just make it dramatic. I think it was fourth-and-24 and they made it 23 and three quarters. I guess that’s kind of the story of our life: it don’t go real easy.

“After I don’t know how long, a 30-minute delay, then we do a really bad job, a three-and-out on offense and don’t cover the punt well and put our defense in a rough position. They did a great job. We really rushed there with three at the end, a relentless effort. We ended up getting five sacks against a very athletic quarterback.”

On having appropriate security for the game (via the Clarion-Ledger):

“I didn’t even think about it until we got off the bus in the same area as that Alabama area. The majority of people were actually really good, especially in warmups. I think it was more students that were 8 or something when we were here before.

“Early on going out there I thought it was a different reception. I think that’s one of the most passionate fan bases in America. You’ve got 100,000 of them together and when things aren’t going their way they got upset. I’m not sure it wasn’t partly at the refs too. They replay the play and I think they’re watching his other hand thinking they had a first down. It is what it is.”

On several injuries to Ole Miss defenders late in the game (via the Clarion-Ledger):

“We were heavily injured coming into the game, especially offensively. I really don’t remember something like this except for maybe sanctions at USC. The lack of depth on offense at the skilled position that we had today. You saw guys playing a lot of snaps and wearing down today and not even necessarily household names that you’re used to.

“It was a high play-count game and there were a lot of injuries on both sides. The fans boo when it’s us but they had a lot of injuries too. Just a really high play-count game.”

Ole Miss improved to 5-1 with the victory.