Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss had a bounce-back win for the ages, as the Rebels knocked off LSU in dramatic fashion.

Ole Miss scored with 39 seconds remaining as Jaxson Dart found Tre Harris for a 13-yard touchdown, and then the Ole Miss defense stopped LSU after Jayden Daniels’ pass with 1 second remaining was incomplete out of the back of the end zone.

LSU had a pair of false starts in the final seconds after the Tigers gained 42 yards from their own 25-yard line to begin the drive. Ole Miss prevailed 55-49.

“Our players played their butts off and we stopped them when we needed to, finally,” Kiffin said on ESPN as he noted the recovery from the Alabama loss last week. “That’s a hard game to come back from and they played their ass off today and we scored more than they did.”

Ole Miss returns to action next week against Arkansas in Oxford in a primetime game on SEC Network.