Lane Kiffin was happy that Ole Miss improved to 5-0 against Kentucky, but the Ole Miss coach told ESPN after the game that the Rebels still have work to do.

Kiffin referred to the offense “screwing around” in the second half, and making “lots of mistakes.” Still, the Rebels did enough against Kentucky QB Will Levis to limit the Wildcats’ offense.

“They rushed him, they were motivated all week by their offensive coordinator saying bring the blitz and we’ll light you up, so there you go,” Kiffin said.

Asked about beating a top 10-ranked Kentucky, Kiffin said the Rebels still have room to improve.

“We’ve got to get a lot better, we could’ve finished the game a lot earlier,” Kiffin said. “Screwed around and didn’t play well enough on offense in the second half. We have a lot of work to do with a lot of really good teams coming to play. So we kind of got out of here with this one, which was good, it was good to have some people in the stands. What are we 5-0? All right.”

Kiffin was asked about the fan turnout, and it showed that the fans listened.

“They did, better than our four-minute offense,” Kiffin said.