Lane Kiffin continues to get questions about his time as an Alabama assistant coaching with Nick Saban, and one moment in particular is what Saban described as the “ass-chewing” moment.

Kiffin was asked about it again during a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, and the well-known moment came during a lopsided win over Western Kentucky.

“Well, one of them is documented on film,” Kiffin said, when asked which moment was the most angry he’s made Saban. “It was the end of the game, and everybody thinks because we had a turnover at the end of the game, when the ball hit the receiver in motion and he lost his mind on me — but really, it was not at that play. It was actually when they scored, that next series, when the defense gave up a touchdown. It went on the defensive stat. That’s when I got yelled at; not actually when the ball hit the receiver and we turned it over.

“It was when the defense got scored on, that’s when he lost his mind on me. He called it an ‘ass-chewing,’ I guess is what he referred to it as in the press conference.”