Lane Kiffin is one of the more candid coaches when it comes to off-the-field issues, and he gave a recap on Tuesday evening about the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Florida, including among the coaches.

Kiffin even said that he’s not into “coach speak” and instead just tells it like it is, including about so-called feuds among the coaches. Does he like being called a voice of reason?

“I don’t really care. It just goes along with being real, this is what it is,” Kiffin said. “As opposed to hiding behind it and saying that little coaches bible we’re supposed to follow about what you’re supposed to say. Like NIL has nothing to do with why players come to my campus. I’m not going to say those things.”

Kiffin told reporters that the coaches meeting was “pretty normal.”

“Our group is more professional when they’re in the room together than they are when they’re on camera by themselves,” Kiffin said, and made an analogy with texting. “People like say things texting they don’t in person.”

About scheduling scenarios, Kiffin said coaches were shown 2 scheduling models on Tuesday, an 8-game and a 9-game model, presumably that’s 8 games with one permanent opponent, and 9 games with 3 permanent opponents. Kiffin declined to reveal more details.

Kiffin believes the Feb. 1 transfer portal deadline for SEC-to-SEC transfers will not change to May 1: “I would guess that’s going to stay where it is.”

H/T Brandon Marcello and Seth Emerson.