Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban have a relationship dating back a few years, when Kiffin was Saban’s offensive coordinator.

They won a national championship together, so Kiffin understands the pressure cooker that Alabama is. The Crimson Tide are basically, during the Saban era, considered failures if they don’t win a title.

So, when Saban went on a rant about appreciating wins on Wednesday night during his radio show, Kiffin saw it. And he took to Twitter to say the rant made him smile:

Speaking of appreciating wins, Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels have a chance to pick up win No. 10 on Thanksgiving night in the Egg Bowl. It would be the Rebels’ first-ever 10-win regular season.

It’s safe to say that would be very much appreciated by the Ole Miss fan base.